Best BITCOIN Faucets of 2020

Best Faucets of 2020

FaucetHub is a Microwallet that allows you to receive and accumulate the cryptocurrencies you earned in faucets. It can be said that its main function is to act as an intermediary between the faucets and your wallet. As we saw with Coinpot, many of the most popular faucets use these intermediary systems.

There are hundreds of faucets available to win cryptocurrencies of all kinds and right here is where the problem comes because most of the faucets are very bad, they waste your time and end without giving you any reward. Therefore we have made the following selection of tools to maximize profits in this world.

The classic tool is adBTC, in which we have to open advertising windows to receive rewards, it is the simplest tool and I recommend it to everyone, for its simplicity and security in payments. Other essential tools are Coinpot and its Moon faucets and Eobot to which we already dedicate a full post on this blog.

Cryptoming Game

Cryptoming Game is an original free game about cryptocurrency mining that allows you to mine cryptocurrencies totally free. The game has been online since November 2017 and pays its users without any problem since then.

After registering on the web, you must complete missions (request claims) that will allow us to go up in level. As in this type of games, the higher our level, the more potential our account will have. And therefore, greater profits can obtain. In addition, with each claim you will obtain mining power in the free cloud and will be able to leave the currency that you want without even having the computer turned on.

FreeBitcoin it's the twin sister of FreeDogecoin and works exactly in the same way, the only difference is that here you will recieve the rewards as Satoshis of Bitcoin instead of Dogecoins. Just unlock the captcha click roll and get the reward.

As of today, the Free Dogecoin Giveaway on is shutting down.


FreeDogecoin you have to click on I am not a robot, then click on the roll button and you will get a random reward in dogecoins depending on the result of the roll.

You can withdraw, send them to your Coinpot account or any other wallet when reaches the amount of 28 Dogecoins and you can repeat the roll every 60 minutes. 100% reliable and safe, has been paying years without problems.

You can already multiply your Dogecoins gambing in the dice game but it's very risky, didn't recommed it because is a problably fair HI-LOW where you normally finsh loosing everything you have stocked.


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