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Today we bring a tutorial to start minig Cryptocurrency for free with, this is a trending topic cause this type of virtual currency are constantly booming. Actually this website together with FacucetHub, are the two best portals to work with cryptocurrencies, both for its simplicity and for its guarantee of payments ..

CoinPot allows you to mine cryptocurrencies in the cloud from several sources, here you can see the base steps to create an account and start mining:
Create an account at and use the typical steps of registering into a website. 
Once created you will need to verify the mail, and then you will have access to your account, where you can see your balance sheets. 
The platform allows you to save Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash, they introduce new cryptocurrencies regularly.

At first you will have all your balances at zero, so you must go to the affiliated pages to find your daily rewards, they're named Faucets! You can already go to the option to mine each of the coins to with your computer directly to Coinpot but it does not worth unless you have a very good computer.

The Faucets of

The faucets are the typical websites that offer us rewards for seeing advertds, but in this case they are real rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies.

By registering in each of the faucets that we will detail below we will link to your account so that the benefits will be transferred immediately every time we claim, this means that we will see the immediate benefit in the form of money in your coinpot account.

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is a platform that allows to obtain rewards in Bitcoin, through this link you can access the platform and once inside the platform you simply have to register with the same email that you used in CoinPot.

You simply have to prove that you are not a robot with the captcha and claim your reward. Your reward will automatically go to CoinPot, depending on how often you claim your reward this anger will increase by 1% every day that we claim consecutively till a max of 100% increase!

Moon Dogecoin

Moon Dogecoin is a platform that allows you to obtain rewards in Dogecoin, through this link you can access to it.

This platform works in the same way as Moon Bitcoin, following the same steps you can get your reward, it is advisable to increase this amount since it is really easy to reach the minimum payment, especially if at the end of the day we exchange all the coins in dogecoin, we can make a transfer to eobot quite frequently, depending on the time we invest in claiming our moons.

Moon Litecoin

Moon Litecoin allows rewards in Litecoin

This platform works in the same way as Moon Bitcoin and Moon Dodgecoin, following the same steps you can get your reward, they are the three twin moons of their respective cryptocurrencies.

Moon Dash

Moon Dash, again is exactly the same as his previous sisters but this time to undermine the Dash cryptocurrency.

Ye must repeat the steps, the first time we do it every day we will not have to make the captcha, but as we go claiming in the same day we will have to overcome more rounds of tedious captcha, well ... it is the price to pay.

Moon Cash

Moon Cash is the same, it is the Cash crypto coin, simply repeat the steps of the previous ones.

You can claim the reward every 5 minutes or every day or every several days although it is highly recommended to do it every day to accumulate the 1% that we are given each day that we claim the reward consecutively. At the beginning the generation is at maximum speed so if we pick up at intervals of 5 minutes we will get a much bigger reward than picking up once a day.

Bit Fun

Bit Fun is a platform where you can get shatoshis regularly.

In this platform simply registering you can get your rewards periodically, you can also play in the multiple games you have and earn money by playing them in the form of cryptocurrencies that will be automatically transferred to your coinpot wallet. It's another faucet in which you can quickly increase our total in coinpot.

Bonus Bitcoin

In Bonus Bitcoin you can claim 5000 bitcoin satoshis every 15 minutes, the rewards are transferred directly to our coinpot account so you can keep accumulating rewards in a simple way.

It is one of the best websites of faucets and where we will get succulent rewards. I am currently grouping all my coins in litecoin and dogecoin since they are the fastest growing coins, so once the rewards are collected I usually convert them to these coins. Bonus Bitcoin is undoubtedly the one that brings the most benefits of all its member, due to the current price of bitcoin.


FreeDogecoin you have to click on I am not a robot, then click on the roll button and you will get a random reward in dogecoins depending on the result of the roll.

You can withdraw, send them to your Coinpot account or any other wallet when reaches the amount of 28 Dogecoins and you can repeat the roll every 60 minutes. 100% reliable and safe, has been paying years without problems.

You can already multiply your Dogecoins gambing in the dice game but it's very risky, didn't recommed it because is a problably fair HI-LOW where you normally finsh loosing everything you have stocked.

FreeBitcoin it's the twin sister of FreeDogecoin and works exactly in the same way, the only difference is that here you will recieve the rewards as Satoshis of Bitcoin instead of Dogecoins. Just unlock the captcha click roll and get the reward. 

Balance of your account

The next step, once we have obtained yours rewards, is to go back to CoinPot and verify all your balance sheets as well as our movements.

You can also change your coins or withdraw them to an external wallet. It must be taken into account that CoinPot has minimum quantity limits and for transfers you must check in each currency before transferring.

What I usually do is convert all of them to dogecoin and then transfer them to eobot and buy mining power, but that is another topic that I will explain in a following post.

Here I leave in link to eobot and I will proceed to explain how it works in future posts.

Of course at first it is somewhat tedious and you will get an average of 7 to 10 dogecoins a day (following the tactic of converting all the coins to dogecoin), but as you move forward and especially from day 30 after claiming consecutively, the faucets will have increased 1% for each consecutive day so we will start to win 25-30 daily, the goal is to claim the faucets consecutively until accumulating an extra percentage that will give us a total of 50 dodgecoins a day to send them to eobot and perform with them the next step that I will explain in another post.

Summary Links Faucets of CoinPot


The different tutorials that are found in this channel have the only educational purpose. I do not take responsibility for the misuse this content done individually.

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