Summoners War - Avoid Ban

1. Don't equip FATAL,RAGE,BLADE or 2/4/6 attk % runes. Basically runes that modify more dmg.
don't use (atk+atk%).

2. Do all runs in x1 speed, with the exception of SD, HOH, and TOA, you can x3 for those since they take a long time to finish.

3. Do not add friends because they might report you, however, if you have to add for SD, delete them after you're done.

4. Beware of reset days! When I say reset, I mean the weekly reset @ the end of every week: Sunday from 11pm - 8am. Risk of detection. DO NOT PLAY AT THAT TIME. You have been warned.

5. Runs in x1 speed for safe the time
Scenarios: do normal if you're lvl 1 - 20, hard if lvl 21 - 30, hell if lvl 31 - 40; run Hell only if you have 1 6* monster in the party at all times & must be the type advantage of the stage, ex. faimon is fire, so use water

6. Runs in x1 speed for safe the time
Running Cairos Dungeon: b1 - 6: SAFE; b7 - b8: SAFE with atleast 3 5* or atleast 1 6* & team of 4*; b9: SAFE with a full team of 5*; b10: RISKY NO MATTER WHAT, but the safest is, run only if lvl 40 with a full team of 6*.

7. Running TOA normal/hard: (Not Recomended) Don't complete until ranking 100 fills up, complete ONLY when you d/c from the server. To d/c, use an emulator: Nox or Bluestack, whichever works for you, and wait until you can't see anymore chat from the chat box.
-To be safe: complete only when TOA is about to reset, that way it limits the chance of being caught with TOA completed

8. Arena & Guild Battles: SAFE if you're smart with it, don't make it obvious, that's all I can tell you.
People u attacked in arena or guild battle can't add or visit u directly (they can't check which monster u r using to attack them)
(At least lv 20 if u want to beat a lv 50, Dont reach too high on rank, Set your defense as weak as possible)

9. Others: World boss: SAFE; Raid: NOT SAFE. Don't do these unless you have the monsters and runes for them. These are end game stuff anyways.
-Secret Dungeon/Hall of Heroes: SAFE.

10. Additional rules: don't collect achievements and milestones until you're level 40 (just to be extra safe). Level achievements & daily are fine (example: lvling to 15 & 35 where you get crystals)

11. DO NOT USE RESET BUTTON OF THE GAME for re-rolling. I used to get ban via this method atleast 10 accs. Just create new Emulator and re-roll as a new guest account. (you can create new hive-id after play as guest). I strongly confirm this is one factor for banning. ( info from shinemonmond )

12. Avoid to play in Day time (esp. ASIA server, Tokyo time zone). I read someone post, it is two ways to getting ban. One is by Anti-hack program. And two is by monitoring with GM. You can use golden rule to avoid Anti-hack program, but no rule for GM monitoring, JUST PRAY FOR IT !! (got ban in day time even 1 re-rolling in new guest account T^T) ( info from shinemonmond )

13. When you got Light&Dark unit (from L&D scroll by ending faimon). I suggest that do not bring him/her to any teamfight ! Just play with your Lapis until her LVL max. And then you can LVLing your L&D unit. ( info from shinemonmond )

14. Don’t play new game(Start fresh) using this Mod Apk, i tried that with 3 of my account and 2 of them got banned on the 3rd and 2nd day(first one to get banned is on the 3rd day and the second on the 2nd day). So use this Mod Apk ONLY after the “Player” reach at least lvl 15-20(Player lvl, not monster lvl). Now i only have 1 account(my very first account) that remains “Unbanned/Free” because i played that account with Mod Apk when i’m at lvl 16(Player lvl, not Monster).

- Accounts that got banned i started fresh using this Modded apk, while remaining account starts fresh using Original/Unmodded Apk from Play Store.

15. DO NOT ATTACK PLAYER THAT HAVE PLAYER LVL HIGHER THAN YOU, 3 of my friend got their account banned because of that because they attack lvl 50, 37, and 48 player while my friends lvl were 39, 29, and 44. Trust me, you DO that and you’ll get “free” ticket to get BANNED… PERMANENTLY.

- Never attack player with player lvl higher than you even if their defense Monster far more weaker than your Attacking Monster(i.e, player lvl 50 or above your lvl but with only 1/2/3/4 1*/2*/3* monster on his/her defense). That is Suicide.

16. DO NOT ATTACK b3-4 DUNGEON(CAIROS) WITH ONLY 4* Monster UNDER 2 minutes completion(each floor, i.e, b3&b4 under 2 minutes) even if you attack with all 4* Monster or have 1 5* + 4 4* monster. That is ALSO suicide. Do b5-7 only with 5 5* monster(at least 2/3 of those 5* is awakened), other than those… SUICIDE/Free Banned Ticket. Do b8-9 only with 5 6* Monster(at least 2 of those 6* must be awakened). DO b10 ONLY WITH ALL AWAKENED 6* MONSTER THAT YOU EVOLVED FROM NATURAL 5* MONSTER(i.e natural 5* monster that you evolved to 6* monster and awaken them/vice versa) other that those… get ready to say “bye bye” to your account.

- Never EVER complete Cairos Dungeon stage floor(b3-9) under 2 minutes ESPECIALLY b10 floor… it must be completed above 3 minute.

17. Do ToA Normal with 5 natural 4*for floor 1-10, 5 awakened natural 4* for floor 11-20, 5 natural 5* for floor 21-30, 5 awakened natural 5* monster for floor 31-50, do the rest of the floor ONLY with 5 AWAKENED NATURAL 5* then evolved to 6* monster. Same formula for ToA Hard.

- DO NOT EVER EVER FINISH 1 FLOOR UNDER 2 MINUTES!!!. Also, try to make a day gap between each 10/20 floor(i.e, today finish floor 1-10, tomorrow finish floor 11-20 and keep going like that). And don’t reach ToA/ToA Hard floor 90 if your player lvl is below 35, my friend got banned because she reach ToA floor 92 whe she is only lvl 32(player lvl) using the ORIGINAL APK NOT THE MODDED ONE, so make your own imagination what would happen if you’re using modded apk.

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