How to connect Last Day on Earth Mod with Google Play Games

If you are using Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod, I'm sure you want to store your progress on Google Play Games.
When using the mod and you try to connect with Google Play Games notice that it doesn't work and makes nothing, follow that guide to get your progress saved.

1. Play with the mod version normally and do all that you need until you're ready to save.
2. Close Last Day on Earth
3. Open a File Explorer (ES File Explorer File Manager, Astro File Manager,...)
4. Go to SDCard/Android/Data
5. Rename "zombie.survival.craft.z" to "zombie.survival.craft.z1"
6. Uninstall Last Day on Earth Mod
8. Before run it open File Explorer and go to SDCard/Android/Data
9. Rename "zombie.survival.craft.z1" to "zombie.survival.craft.z"
10. Open the game
11. Connect with Google Play

If you did it correctly you should be able to connect with Google Play Games and store your progress! Happy Survival!

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