Mirage Memorial Global - How to claim FREE Gifts?

Mirage Memorial Global - How to claim FREE Gifts?

-- The call of beautiful servants from another world

Twenty thousand years have passed since the end of human history, and you are finally awakened, master! Over 100 beautiful servants who are reincarnated from the DNA of great figures in history have gathered together with courage and hope. Now, please lead your servants to re-open the Time Gate to crusade against Lucifer and save Mirage Memorial! In the meantime, your bond with the servants is officially formed...

[50 vs. 50 World War on One Global Server]
Challenge opponents from all parts of the globe on your adventure, lead your alliance to win 50 vs. 50 massive global fights, collect the best servants, and become the champion player of the world! Communicate and play with players from around the world in a social system with high degree of freedom!

[Interact Closely with 100+ Servants in a Live 2D System]
Command over 100 beautiful servants reincarnated from the DNA of eastern and western heroes! The cute and lovely girl "Gabriel", the domineering lady "Hammurabi", the young and active maiden "Athena"... Collect and train them for big surprises! Every servant is finely portrayed and given unique character settings and stats!

[Unique "Merc System"]
Servants never fight alone, because mercenaries will help them win! In the [Merc System], mercenaries can be deployed in over 300 different lineups!
You can craft exclusive weapons for your servants, and deploy them tactically and freely to win!

[Backyard Dating]
Each master in Mirage Memorial has an exclusive backyard, where he can trigger private stories, interact closely with the servants, or invite them to a cafe or a spa. Master, now it is time to start your happy life by going on over 101 adventures of love.


1. Mirage Memorial Global Gift Packs <- Direct Link
Efun Platform >> Game >> Mirage Memorial Global >> Gift Packs
In-game “efun” button >> Community >> More Gifts

2. Mirage Memorial Global Points Mall <- Direct Link
Efun Platform >> Points Mall
In-game “efun” button >> Community >> Points Mall

Problems using gift code? Follow this step by step Tutorial: How To Claim FREE Gifts


Item Packages (Send to your character directly)
- Semi-anniversary Gift [88 Efun Points]
- Platform Elite Gift Pack [400 Crystal, 3 Fruit Basket, 3 Divination Coin]
- Platform Newbie Gift Pack [300 Crystal, 3 Astral Key]
- Platform Power Gift Pack (CP 20,000) [100 Crystal, 300,000 Gold, 30 Enhance Stone(L)]
- Platform Power Gift Pack(CP 15,000) [50Crystal, 200,000 Gold, 20 Enhance Stone(L)]
- Platform Power Gift Pack(CP 10,000) [50 Crystal, 150,000 Gold, 40 Enhance Stone(M)]
- Platform Power Gift Pack(CP 5000) [50 Crystal, 100,000 Gold, 20 Enhance Stone(M)]
- Platform Power Gift Pack(CP 3000) [50 Crystal, 50,000 Gold, 10 Enhance Stone(M)]
- Platform Level Gift Pack(Lv.50) [100 Crystal, 300,000 Gold, 100 Refine Stone]
- Platform Level Gift Pack(Lv.40) [50 Crystal, 200,000 Gold, 80 Refine Stone]
- Platform Level Gift Pack(Lv.30) [50 Crystal, 150,000 Gold, 50 Refine Stone]
- Platform Level Gift Pack(Lv.25) [50 Crystal, 100,000 Gold, 30 Refine Stone]
- Platform Level Gift Pack(Lv.20) [50 Crystal, 50,000 Gold, 100 Large EXP Card]
- Platform Weekly Gift Pack [50 Crystal, 100,000 Gold, 50 Refine Stone]
- Platform Daily Gift Pack [50 Crystal, 100,000 Gold, 100 Skill Card]
- Platform Novice Gift Pack [50 Crystal, 100,000 Gold, 10 Enhance Stone(M), 10 Refine Stone]
(Click “Claim”, select server and character, the rewards will be sent to your character directly.)

Gift Code in Points Mall
- Mirage Memorial Global Free Gift (Free) [200 Crystals, 2 Fruit Basket, 2 Diamond Ring]
- Mirage Memorial Global Exclusive Gift (400 Points) [300 Crystals, 3 Fruit Basket, 3 Diamond Ring]
- Mirage Memorial Global Time-limited Gift (1200 Points) [300 Crystal, 5 Adv. Summon Scroll]
- Mirage Memorial Global Mysterious Gift (2200 Points) [350 Crystal, 500,000 Gold, 5 Adv. Summon Scroll, 400 Refine Stone]
(Redeem to get a gift code, and exchange in game: Welfare>>Welfare Exchange>>Exchange)


Daily Task
Efun Platform >> Me
In-game “efun” button >> Me
- Sing-In: Sign in daily, +8 points
- Liked Info: Liked 2 Info everyday, +10 points
- Watch video: Watch random video everyday,+5 points
- Comment on News: Daily Comment, +5 points

Newbie Task
- Verify Email: Verify email first, +30 points
- Fill in Nickname: Give yourself a cool nickname, +2 Points
- Phone Verification: Phone Verification, +30 Points
- First recharge on platform: First recharge randomly on platform,+100 points

Game Task
- Like Efun Facebook: Like Efun Facebook, +5 points
- Trial of Fate Lv.35: If your account reach Level 35 in <Trial of Fate> , + 30 Points.
- Armored God Lv.80: If your account reach Level 80 in <Armored God> , + 30 Points.
- Tales of Erin Lv.15: If your account reach Level15 in <Tales of Erin> , + 30 Points.

Platform Event
- Lucky Points Event: Join Lucky Points event to earn points. Most three lucky players could get the double points.
- Play Happy Link: Play Happy Link every day and claim Efun Points every week.



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