MARVEL Future Revolution: New Open-World Multiplayer RPG

MARVEL Future Revolution

Marvel and Netmarble have teamed for what looks like one of the most ambitious Marvel mobile games ever in MARVEL Future Revolution. Assemble in the aftermath of the Convergence and start the Revolution.

Marvel and Netmarble — developer of the hit mobile action-RPG MARVEL Future Fight — have unveiled their new game: MARVEL Future Revolution. Officially revealed at PAX East today, MARVEL Future Revolution is an open-world, multiplayer RPG developed for mobile devices — a first for Marvel.

In MARVEL Future Revoluton, players will take on the role of some of Marvel's most iconic heroes as they assemble following an event called "Convergence," which was described as "a multi-universal catastrophe where Earths are about to collide with each other." So far Captain America, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel are the only confirmed playable characters at launch, although the roster of heroes will likely grow in time.

One of the cool things about this Convergence storyline is that it provides a means for alternative cosmetics as well as numerous variations of the same hero, opening up new gameplay options. In the announcement trailer below, you can see multiple Spider-Man and Captain Marvel variants appear out of Doctor Strange's portals, including Spider-Punk. There are also "New Stark City" versions of the characters which appear equipped with some high-tech Stark gadgetry. The Convergence will not only expand the number of playable characters, but also allow for the developers to create their own unique take on the classive Marvel superheroes. Alternative cosmetic options, color variations, and other cosmetic customization options for each hero will also be supported.

An announcement trailer created from in-engine footage was shared and a website for the game allows fans to sign up for a newsletter. Courtesy of Twinfinite, there are a ton of other gameplay videos and trailers showcasing more of the game as well.

We've got a plan. Fight side by side as the hero you are meant to be. The Revolution starts here.

MARVEL Future Revolution is shaping up to be an impressive open-world mobile game with triple-A quality behind it. According to Netmarble, it's being developed for both hardcore and casual gamers. MARVEL Future Revolution will be available for iOS and Android mobile devices, although no release date has been announced.

It's also unclear if this will be a premium priced game or free-to-play supported by microtransactions. Netmarble's other game, MARVEL Future Fight, is free-to-play, so this seems to be the likely option for MARVEL Future Revolution as well.

MARVEL Future Revolution GamePlay

MARVEL Future Revolution In-Game Footage World

MARVEL Future Revolution - Superheroes Trailer

MARVEL Future Revolution - Stark City Trailer

MARVEL Future Revolution - Superhero Trailer 2

MARVEL Future Revolution - Super Villians Trailer


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