Aiport City FREE Gift Codes September 2019

Airport City

Take the reins of power and turn a small town into a prosperous megalopolis with the best airport in the world! Create one of the busiest transport hubs ever: construct infrastructures such as air traffic control towers, runways, and hangars, assemble a fleet of planes, and send flights all around the world! Watch your town blossom into a great city as you improve and upgrade unique buildings, attract additional passengers, and connect your airport to the most distant locations on the globe!


✔ Create the airport of your dreams in this city building simulator.
✔ Assemble a fleet of cool planes: from private jets to transcontinental airplanes.
✔ Bring back rare artifacts from your flights and complete collections!
✔ Take part in limited-time adventures and get special rewards.
✔ Team up with your friends and form an alliance! Playing together is always more fun.
✔ Send missions to space after taking control of the skies. A true tycoon knows no limits!


Airport City Android: Download Airport City Android



1. Open the Airport City Game ✈
2. Click on Friends tab at the bottom of the screen πŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘¦
3. Click again the Friends button πŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘¦
4. Select the Add tab.
5. Enter the Gift Code on the Text Box
6. Click at the magnifying glass πŸ”Ž
7. Enjoy your reward! πŸŽ

Problems using gift code? Follow this step by step Tutorial: How To Install a Mod


20 september 2019 - Mobile πŸ“± ➡️ *horus20* (2000 Airport Coins πŸ’°, 3 Airport Cash πŸ’΅)

13 september 2019 - Mobile πŸ“± ➡️ *luggage13* (2000 Airport Coins πŸ’°, 3 Airport Cash πŸ’΅)

6 september 2019 - Mobile πŸ“± ➡️ *turbine6* (2000 Airport Coins πŸ’°, 3 Airport Cash πŸ’΅)

OTHER AIRPORT CITY GIFT CODES YOU CAN TRY:  *math30*, *science23*, *control16*, *flyer9*,  *geode02*,  *magma26*,  *action18*


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