Golden Farm (Earn Money) NEW 2020!

Profit every 10 minutes!Golden Farm

Automatic system of eggs collecting! Collecting eggs without losses and restrictions in time! Collect eggs as it's convenient for you!
Even once an hour, even once a day, even once a month! The eggs don't disappear or get rotten!
Well organized market allows to swap the eggs for silver coins immediately!
In the process of the game new blocks will be added which will allow to fill up reserve for buying the eggs that will give additional guarantee to the players!

All right, let’s see the main branches of the project:
Birds (You can invest on birds to get more eggs).
Eggs Warehouse (Store your eggs before selling them for money).
Eggs Selling (Sell eggs to get silver to allow you buy more birds).
Daily Bonus (Claim your daily bonus for an extra silver income).
Silver Swap (Swap silver coins for withdrawal to silver coins for buyings).
Referral program (Earn by involving your friends).

Join NOW Golden Farm and start earning Money!

Need help with that? Follow this step by step Tutorial: Earn Money with Golden Farm


There is an special possibility to work with the referral program by inviting your friends using your personal link for earn money by involving new partners to the project. Also you can earn by participating in the contests and special promos which they will do on monthly basis, don’t miss your chance.
You will recieve a Green Bird ABSOLUTELY FREE after the registration on the project as a welcome bonus! Join NOW!


You don't need any special program you can use Golden Farm with any Internet Browser like (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox...)
• Enter to Golden Farm webpage!
Register and log in to your account.
• Get the FREE Green Bird and start to get eggs for you and start. You can clain eggs every 10 minutes!
• Remember to claim the Daily Bonus every 3 hours too!
• Sell eggs and get Silver to buy and Silver to Withdraw.
• Invest your earned Silver to get more Birds!
• Use the Referral Program to share that project to your friends and earn Silver together!
• Check Payments and see what other people earns.

Still reading? Start earning Eggs NOW!


Green Bird (Productivity: 5 per hour, Price: 150 silver)
Yellow Bird (Productivity: 55 per hour, Price: 1500 silver)
Brown Bird (Productivity: 277 per hour, Price: 7500 silver)
Blue Bird (Productivity: 1430 per hour, Price: 37500 silver)
Red Bird (Productivity: 7230 per hour, Price: 150000 silver)
King Bird (Productivity: 21925 per hour, Price: 375000 silver)

Are you sure you gonna miss that chance? Register NOW!


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