MARVEL Avengers Academy - How To Avoid Being Banned

MARVEL Avengers Academy - How To Avoid Being Banned

After the last update some people have reported that they have been banned or that they have lost the Premium characters. In this post I will expose some keys to avoid this.

As you know, using a mod or hack is against the policies of the game, that is why it is always risky to use it but if you do what I am going to explain now you will have no problem.


1. For using a Mod or Hack
2. Going in the top of the Leaderboard.
3. Doing the event tasks so fast.


1. Using a Mod or Hack is always risky, just BE SMART and use it wisely. There're tons of people playing this game if you do not stand out it is difficult for them to detect that you are using a cheat.
2. You can get whatever you want with the hack, then DON'T JOIN the Leaderboard to get more rewards. In this game there's a large number of players, the main objective of Leaderboard is to detect the ones who are cheating.
3. DON'T GET CRAZY at the START of the EVENT, be constant and play the closest way to if you had the original game. In the first dates of an event there are few who unlocked difficult stuff, the ones who spend lots of money and the ones cheating, for that reason is easy for TinyCo detect this last ones.


The different tutorials that are found in this channel have the only educational purpose. I do not take responsibility for the misuse this content done individually.

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