Earn FREE Money! [Part 1]

Become A Millionaire!!! 

All of you viewing this would like to earn FREE MONEY! And the best way to earn money is to do tasks online, but what if you can get free money by doing... JUST NOTHING!

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The below process is regarding/related to Bitcoins.

With this guide, you can earn lots and lots of Bitcoins by spending just 10 minutes daily.


1. Xapo.com

First register a free account on XAPO. This is necessary as this is a Bitcoin Wallet and you will recieve all your Bitcoins HERE.
I recommend this as this is the best wallet, secure and gives you 10,000 Satoshi just for registering.

2. BTCClicks.com

Go to BTCClicks.com and register. This will help you earn money by clicking and viewing adverts. But don’t worry, I have a solution for that in the 2nd Part of this guide!

3. Bitcoin Zebra

Here’s the fun part, just enter the e-mail you used to register a Xapo Account here and feed the zebra every hour to get assured Bitcoins! Such websites are called faucets. They give you free Satoshi [1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC or Bitcoins] by just entering a Captcha.

4. Moon Bitcoin

This is one of the Best Faucets, this lets you accumulate Satoshi. You can collect the Satoshi after any period of time [Minimum 5 Minutes]. All these shifted directly to your Xapo!

5. BitCoinKer

This faucet is very similar to Moon Bitcoin, you can draw for high number of Satoshis every 5 minutes! You need your Xapo Wallet address to get them, go to Xapo.com → Wallet → Personal Wallet → My Address to get it.

6. FreeBitcoin

This is the same as others, but you can multiply your earnings here. Here you need your Xapo Wallet address. They have the highest payout too!

7. BonusBitcoin

You can claim up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes. Simply complete the captcha and then click on the Claim now button. Needs registration. Large bonus on high withdrawals.


Please visit ALL these faucets DAILY to earn huge amount of Satoshi.
To withdraw Bitcoins from BitCoinKer and FreeBitcoin, you need a Bitcoin Address. These address are used to transfer Bitcoins b/w two peers. To get your Xapo BTC Address, first verify your Phone Number, and then go to wallet tab, select My Address button, copy the address and paste it to make transactions or to recieve Bitcoins!


Bitcoin Zebra
Moon Bitcoin

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