(Earn Dogecoins) NEW 2018!

In this new mining site you can get Dogecoins which is one of the more perspective value for future crypto investment! It works similar to other mining sites but this one has a nice face and it's very easy to use!

All right, let’s see the main branches of the project:
Workers (You can invest on workers to get better rewards).
Referral program (Earn by involving your friends or sharing info via social media).
Crypto Faucet (Reclaim a certain amount of Dogecoins every 3 hours).
Crypto Dice (Use your gambler skills to get even more Dogecoins).


There is an special possibility to work with the referral program by inviting your friends using your personal link or even using the promo material to share it on social network for earn money by involving new partners to our project. Also you can earn by participating in the contests and special promos which they will do on monthly basis, don’t miss your chance.
You will recieve a Worker ABSOLUTELY FREE after the registration on the project as a welcome bonus! Join NOW!

STEPS TO EARN MONEY - Dogecoin cloud mining
You don't need any special program you can use with any Internet Browser like (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox...)
• Enter to webpage!
Register and log in to your account.
• Put the FREE WORKER to get profit for you and start to getting Dogecoins! You can get 0.25 Dogecoins every 3 hours!
• Remember to claim the Faucet every 3 hours too!
• Use your gambling skills on the Dice to multiply your Dogecoins
• Invest your earned Dogecoins to get better Workers!
• Use the Referral Program to share that project to your friends and earn Dogecoins together!
• Check Live Stats and see what other people do.
 Complete Quests to get even more Dogecoins
• When you reach 20 DOGE, Withdraw your benefits to your wallet!


Free Worker (Profit for 3 hour: 0.25 DOGE, Bonus: 0%, Price: FREE)
Bronze Worker (Profit for 1 day: 8 DOGE, Bonus: 4%, Price: 200 Dogecoins)
Silver Worker (Profit for 1 day: 42.5 DOGE, Bonus: 4.25%, Price: 1000 Dogecoins)
Gold Worker (Profit for 1 day: 450 DOGE, Bonus: 4.5%, Price: 10000 Dogecoins)
Platinum Worker (Profit for 1 day: 2375 DOGE, Bonus: 4.75%, Price: 50000 Dogecoins)
Titan Worker (Profit for 1 day: 25000 DOGE, Bonus: 5%, Price: 500000 Dogecoins)

Are you sure you gonna miss that chance? Register NOW!



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